LAMPASAS — County commissioners Monday allocated $450,000 to help the city construct a fire station, but they remained split on how much to actually spend for the county's share.

"This is not a final agreement," said County Auditor Jack Clark, adding that the money for the firehouse was unspent bond funds to build new facilities.

The commissioners approved an interlocal agreement with the city to prevent the funds from automatically being placed in the debt service fund on Jan. 1. The motion passed 4 to 1, with Commissioner Vincent casting the dissenting vote.

While County Judge Wayne Boultinghouse and Commissioner Alex Wittenburg didn't take issue with giving the city the full $450,000, three commissioners didn't favor all the funds going to the firehouse project, which is estimated to cost

between $1.2 million and $1.4 million to build.

"The problem that I have is that we made a promise to the taxpayers that it would go back to the debt service," said Commissioner Lowell Ivey.

The $450,000 is part of a $3.9 million county bond to build annex offices in downtown Lampasas, which were completed in October 2010.

Clark said the funds would still service the original purpose of the bonds since the county and the city will use the new fire station.

But Vincent said since the county only would house vehicles and use one office in the proposed fire station, he only wanted to give $50,000 for the new firehouse and then put the rest of the funds into debt service.

"That is the biggest problem I have, the amount of money," said Vincent.

Lampasas City Council member Chris Harrison said, "We are running 65 percent of our calls out of the city into the county." He noted that anything the city does will benefit the county because more than likely city firefighters will respond to county calls near the city before volunteers.

Clark said now that the commissioners have approved the interlocal agreement, they could join city officials in planning the new fire facility, which will be located in the 1100 block of East Fourth Street, as well as determining how much the county will pay.