I visited one of my clients last night to discuss the possibility of lowering the listing price of her home. It's been on the market for 60 days and has had 4 showings. There a 3 important steps to successfully selling any home and they are Curb Appeal, Marketing and Pricing. I suggested a price improvement based on the inactivity since the home is in good condition. She asked if a kitchen update ...might generate some renewed interest from prospective buyers. My answer was this, if you are trying to sell a home the last thing you want to do is spend money on upgrades. It's important that the home should be in good condition inside & out and minor repairs be made to areas that need attention such as paint, plumbing, landscaping and floor coverings, but upgrades such as kitchens and bathrooms are very expensive. Spending $10,000 will not give you a dollar for dollar return on your investment. The logical fix is in the sales price. Lowering the sales price will get results and much more attention than a new kitchen and you won't run the risk of building something someone else might not like anyway. Let the new owner choose their own kitchen. It's part of pride in ownership and let's the new homeowner make this truly their own.